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About Us

Our journey through innovative carsharing

For the past 24 years, Communauto has been driven by its social, environmental and urban mission.

Our # 1 goal? To make carsharing as accessible as possible in order to reduce the impact of car overuse and make a real impact on the environment and the way our cities evolve. We want to make sure that every car on the road is used to its full capacity and we believe that sharing them is the best way to get there.

A unique market offer

Besides being one of the most efficient companies in North America, our offer is unique:

(1) We combine free-floating and station-based carsharing. 

(2) We operate Canada’s largest shared EV fleet.

(3) We focus on a connected mobility with combined offers with public transportation, bike sharing, rental companies, train and taxi.

A social, environmental and urban mission

We see carsharing as a key player in the global, connected and sustainable mobility offer. We believe that our carsharing model is  synonymous with excellence and must benefit as many cities as possible.

We strive to be the best, and the first, in every venture we take on.

" Our unique expertise and recent accomplishments clearly demonstrate Communauto’s leadership and ability to have a real impact on the environment and on the way people relate to urban mobility today "

Hard Facts

We are proud to share some impressive numbers about our company

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Satisfaction rate of our clients
Cities in 2 countries : Toronto, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Quebec, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Paris
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Growth rate between 2013 and 2018
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Number of cars in free floating and station-based markets

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Carsharing gives your city room to breathe.