Welcome Offer

This exceptional offer lets you take advantage of 30 free minutes of driving on an unlimited number of FLEX trips during your first month, starting from the date of your membership confirmation. Your trips become billable starting on the 31st minute (125 km included/trip, 27¢/km additional kms). Valid for first-time memberships only.


1) A period of 45 minutes between the end of one trip and the start of the next is required in order for another free 30 minute period to apply.

This means that you must allow 45 minutes after the end of a trip before blocking or using a vehicle again. If you share your account with others, be aware that the use of the same vehicle by a co-member or an authorized driver working for the same employer is also taken into account in the delay.

2) The free period applies to the first 30 billable minutes of the trip, so you remain eligible to all other FLEX perks.

3) By default, an amount of $1.75 per trip is billed to limit your Damage Fee to $600 in the event of collision or damage (at-fault or not). Discover our other Damage Protection Plan options.

4) The privileges granted under this offer may be suspended without the right to credit, refund, or extension of its period of validity in the event of default or non-compliance with the conditions of use of the service.

5) Being a promotional offer, Communauto reserves the right to terminate the Welcome offer for any new subscription without notice.

Conditions last updated: May 14th, 2024