Flex Parking Guide

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Toronto’s free-floating carsharing pilot program allows FLEX cars to be released only in residential on-street parking spaces in the service area where “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” signs are displayed.
Members should also abide by the rules described below and those set out by the city of Toronto for residential parking permit holders

Streets offering privileges to permit holder are displayed in dark on the map

Where CAN I end my FLEX trip?


where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” is displayed WITHOUT any other signs of restriction

where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” and Pay & Display signs co-exist (in this case you don’t have to pay)

where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” coexist with posted temporal restrictions (e.g. 30 min., 1 or 2 hours)

on the permitted side of the street where alternate side parking is in effect from Mar. 31 to Nov. 30. In most areas you can park on one side of the street from the 1st day to the 15th day of each month and on the other/opposite side of the street from the 16th day to the last day of the month

Where CAN'T I end my FLEX trip

Read all parking signs: FLEX cars cannot be released where any other restrictions are displayed even if an “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” sign is displayed AND even if parking is permitted at the time that you release the car

Pay attention to arrows on the signs, too. Verify that they cover the zone where you intend to park. The arrows can indicate the beginning or the end of the residential parking zone

FLEX cars must comply with usual regulation: park 9 metres from an intersection (unless otherwise posted)


Do not park in spaces reserved for accessible parking permit holders, on Private Property or in front of a driveway/laneway or in a Fire Route


Park 3 meters away from a fire hydrant

For more information, see “Where can I park a FLEX vehicle?” in our FAQ page, or contact us through our online form or at 1-833-666-FLEX (3539).