FLEX Parking Guide

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Toronto’s free-floating carsharing permit program allows FLEX cars to be released on-street within the service area where “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” signs are displayed provided there are no restrictions there (check all signs).

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to release a vehicle in a zone with temporary parking restrictions even if parking is permitted at the time of your return.

As well, please respect the City of Toronto’s ‘clustering’ rule, which means that no more than two Communauto vehicles should be parked in the same block at one time. Look for parking on a nearby block if you already see two Communauto FLEX vehicles parked close together.

If you are stopping over within the City of Toronto, but outside the FLEX Zone, please note that on unsigned streets you are allowed to park for a maximum of three hours.


Cars parked in an area with any No Stopping/Standing signs will be towed at the last driver’s expense (generally about $400). Even outside the No Stopping/Standing hours, cars parked without paying the parking meter will be ticketed. NEVER end your trip in an area with a No Stopping/Standing sign!

Where CAN I end my FLEX trip?

where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” is displayed WITHOUT any other signs of restriction

where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” and Pay & Display signs co-exist (in this case you don’t have to pay)

where the permit parking sign “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” coexist with posted temporal restrictions (e.g. 30 min., 1 or 2 hours)

on the permitted side of the street where alternate side parking is in effect from Mar. 31 to Nov. 30. In most areas you can park on one side of the street from the 1st day to the 15th day of each month and on the other/opposite side of the street from the 16th day to the last day of the month

Where CAN’T I end my FLEX trip?

Read all parking signs: FLEX cars cannot be released where any other restrictions are displayed even if an “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” sign is displayed AND even if parking is permitted at the time that you release the car

Pay attention to arrows on the signs, too. Verify that they cover the zone where you intend to park. The arrows can indicate the beginning or the end of the residential parking zone

FLEX cars must comply with usual regulation: park 9 metres from an intersection (unless otherwise posted)

ONLY round-trip cars from this location can park in these spots. FLEX cars will be ticketed or moved at the member’s expense for parking in a station.

Do not park in spaces reserved for accessible parking permit holders, on Private Property or in front of a driveway/laneway or in a Fire Route

Cars cannot be released where Pay & Display signs do not co-exist with an “EXCEPT BY PERMIT” sign.

Park 3 meters away from a fire hydrant