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5 reasons to make Communauto your Valentine

Tips and Tricks

7 apps and websites to help you live sustainably in 2020


A Very Communauto Christmas: Tips and Tricks for “Navigating” the Holidays

7 apps and websites to help you live sustainably in 2020

We’ve entered the roaring twenties and with every new year comes the inevitable new year’s resolutions. Many of us are trying to live a little more sustainably in 2020. It seems that by the end of January, the excitement and energy from the beginning of the month has begun to wane and so has our …

A Very Communauto Christmas: Tips and Tricks for “Navigating” the Holidays

The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year, magic and wonder and … WONDERING how you’ll possibly get everything done. It’s a very busy time! We know how overwhelming it can feel trying to fit in all the decorating, shopping, parties, and—of course—family time. Here are our top tips for how to best …

10 best (and closest) pumpkin patches to explore in the GTA and beyond

Toronto, it’s that time of year and it’s not too late to trek to the pumpkin patch to get your autumn haul of non-ugly pumpkins, or maybe plan for a trip next fall. We know baby pumpkins are the best for pumpkin pies and you’ll be able to find that at your local grocer, but …

Did you know you can book a FLEX car through the Transit app?

Make your daily commute a bit easier by booking a FLEX car when you need it, using your Transit app. Follow these 5 steps to make your first multimodal commute with carsharing, bikesharing, and public transportation. Step 1: Open the Transit app and click on settings. Step 2: Click on Communauto FLEX “sign in.” Step …

Transit and Communauto FLEX launch new partnership in Toronto

Download Transit to find, reserve, and unlock point-to-point carshare vehicles with Communauto FLEX Toronto, ON — Transit, the leading app for getting around Toronto without your own car, and Communauto FLEX, Toronto’s point-to-point carshare service, announce a new partnership today that makes it easier than ever for Torontonians to get from A-to-B without using their …

Planning your trip

We understand that planning your trips can be a bit confusing at first glance. Here are two scenarios to help you plan your next trip. Scenario 1: You would like to have a car for three days for a family trip to Muskoka and estimate that you’ll drive it about 175 km there and back. …

1 in 5 Torontonians would consider replacing their vehicle with a carsharing service!

Toronto’s first free-floating carsharing service, Communauto FLEX, reaches 30 000 usages in first three months TORONTO, March 5, 2019 – Toronto’s appetite for alternative mobility is growing. A new report from Communauto, Canada’s longest-running carsharing company and the new free-floating carsharing service in Toronto, found that 1 in 5 Torontonians (20 per cent) would consider getting rid …

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