Reduce 1.2 ton in CO2 emissions.

Our Vehicles

Hundreds of cars with all you need

Comfortable, modular and fully equiped

For friends and family

All our fleet is composed of Hyundai Accent 5 Door with a rather large trunk

Winter Tires

Because we never know what winter will bring, all our cars will be equipped with winter tires from November to April (and all-season tires the rest of the year).

Air conditioning

Whether you like it cool or hot, stay cozy all year round.


All of our vehicles are non-smoking, for a clean, breathable environment.

Fully equiped

To make your experience unforgetable, all our Hyundai have Colour touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth Hands-free, Cruise Control, Front Seat Warmers and a Back-up Camera.


They all have split Folding Rear Seats to make sure you'll be able to bring your guitar or your new furniture.

Ready to go?

Carsharing gives your city room to breathe.

Join now!

If you live in Ontario, you will need to provide us with your driving record (3-year uncertified driving record). See “Am I eligible?” to learn how to obtain it, and for more information on driver eligibility.

You can also choose to have us order your driving record on your behalf.