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To use our FLEX cars all you need is…your smartphone 😉


Find, block and open your flex car

With the app you can locate the FLEX car nearby, block it (you have 30 minutes free to reach it) and open it. Once your trip is finished you can lock the car with the app too.

All your trips in one place

You can see all the trips you made with all the details (day, date, etc.)

App preview on Google Pixel 2


pay for the fuel

Use the App to activate the credit card available in the glove compartment or submit your receipt to be reimbursed.

see the cost of your trips instantly

Just after you release a FLEX car you will see all the details of your trips including the cost.

Get the FLEX Communauto App

Available for iOS and Android

Find the closest FLEX car on the map, block and open it, see all your trips, activate your credit card and manage your invoices.

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Download Transit to unlock Communauto FLEX

Download Transit (for iPhone and Android) to find the best transport option at any given moment: public transportation, Communauto, Bike Share Toronto, Uber and more. Log in to your Communauto account within Transit to reserve and unlock FLEX vehicles!

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If you live in Ontario, you will need to provide us with your driving record (3-year uncertified driving record). See “Am I eligible?” to learn how to obtain it, and for more information on driver eligibility.

You can also choose to have us order your driving record on your behalf.