COVID-19: Our preventive measures and special offers

In the present context where physical distancing is required to limit the spread of COVID-19, but where it is still important to maintain transportation services allowing people who must travel be able to do so in the safest way possible, carsharing remains an essential service. Thousands of households in Toronto rely on Communauto for their essential travel.

Therefore, we have decided to continue our activities while putting in place preventive measures and special offers for all members, and especially for those in the health care field.

Our preventive measures

All our employees are working from home, except for our fleet agents who disinfect vehicles and who have no contact with the public and are each equipped with their own exclusive car.

Since vehicles are confined spaces, you are unlikely to come into contact with the virus through coughing or sneezing unless you are accompanied by an infected person. Even though health authorities confirm that transmission of COVID-19 by indirect contact is rare and that survival of the virus on dry surfaces is not well documented, we are focusing on disinfecting our vehicles with a certified virucidal product sprayed on the most used surfaces (door handles, armrests, seatbelt buckle and lock button, interior rear-view mirror, rear-view mirror controls, window controls, front-seat-adjustment controls, fuel hatch and trunk lever (depending on the model), steering wheel, indicator and headlight levers, gear lever, dashboard, and handbrake).

Given the nature of our service, it is impossible to guarantee hygiene between uses. Although vehicles are a relatively safe place, certain precautions are necessary to avoid contracting or transmitting the virus by contact. Hygienic measures allowing cars to be used safely are, however, accessible to everyone.

The best attitude to adopt, under these circumstances, is that of prevention:

  • After using a vehicle, avoid putting your hands to your mouth, nose, or face before washing your hands with warm running water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based disinfectant if you do not have access to soap and water.
  • Do not hesitate to clean the steering wheel, or other surfaces, with disinfecting wipes if you have the supplies to do so. A time credit of up to 15 minutes is offered on FLEX vehicles for this purpose.
  • More than ever, do not leave any waste (tissues, cups, papers, etc.) in vehicles. Be sure to pick up all your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

If you have symptoms of illness, we recommend that you do not use our vehicles. If you must do so, it is extremely important to let us know so that we can block the vehicle and disinfect it.

When a customer reports to us that they have used or want to use a vehicle in these circumstances, the following procedure is applied:

  • The vehicle is blocked for 72 hours.
  • It is then disinfected.

If you have been diagnosed with the virus, you should not, under any circumstances, use a Communauto vehicle. If you must travel in such a case, you must contact the public health department in your region which will take care of the arrangements for your transport.

In such situations, we will be forced to suspend your account.

We are counting on everyone’s collaboration to help us, collectively, get out of this crisis and we encourage you to report, if necessary, any situation and/or inappropriate behaviour.

Our offers

To respond more effectively and more safely to the essential mobility of our users, we have put special offers in place.

However, as scheduled, the offer of $75/week (+ 17¢/km for the first 300 km, 13¢/km for additional kms) is ending May 31. Trips that begin in May and end in June will still be billed at the $75/week rate.

15-minute incentive credit to allow you to clean the vehicle

A 15-minute credit has been introduced for cleaning FLEX vehicles. This means that until June 30, 2020, you only start paying for your trip when you start driving or 15 minutes after accessing the vehicle.

For health care workers

To facilitate travel for health care workers, offers have been put in place and are valid until the end of June, 2020:

If you need occasional access to a vehicle

In this case, we offer the first 30 minutes of your FLEX trips for free. Please allow a minimum period of 45 minutes between the end of one trip and the beginning of the next, for the free period to apply again.

If you need a vehicle for an extended period

No matter what your current plan is, you will have access to the Value Extra plan with no monthly fee. The Value Extra plan provides the most affordable driving rates for essential trips.

  • Waived $500 membership bond for the duration of the offer, if you aren’t already on a Value plan, or for new health care members. (Help us spread the word!)
  • At the end of the offer period, we will return your account to your current rate plan.


To access this offer:

  • Current members, please send us your health care ID badge or other form of identification using our contact form, so we can apply the offer.
  • New applicants can use the promo code HEALTHWORKER to access the waived $500 membership bond and are asked to include their health care ID badge/identification with their application. At the end of the offer period, new members can elect to maintain a Value plan membership by paying the $500 membership bond, change to an FLEX/Open plan (no bond required), or close their account.

Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation and the instructions of the authorities closely and are adjusting our actions accordingly.