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CLDI Waiver

Collision / damage waiver for MasterCard or VISA credit card holders offering this protection

  • I am member/driver of Communauto and wish to DECLINE the Collision Loss Insurance provided to me when I drive Communauto vehicles (because I have a VISA or MASTERCARD card eligible for CLDL Insurance).

  • I understand that it is my responsibility:
    • to ensure that my credit card or other insurance policy provides appropriate coverage;
    • to ensure that I have reviewed and understood the full insurance coverage details and exemptions as listed in my Cardmember Agreement and/or Certificate of Insurance;
    • to keep my credit card information on file with Communauto up-to-date, promptly reporting any changes to my card: numbers, expiry date, card provider, card type and account termination.
    • to ensure that, if any change happens, that the new credit card or insurance policy will provide proper coverage, failing which I will notify Communauto and select a new CLDL option.

  • I understand that I will:
    • retain Third Party Liability, Personal Injury, Damage to Property and other insurance provided to Communauto members
    • pay all my Communauto trips, fees, and any related charges or fines, with my card
    • be responsible for all damage to the vehicle(s) that I am renting from Communauto (to be charged to my credit card and reimbursed as eligible through its Collision Loss Damage Insurance or through my other insurance policy).
    • be responsible for any expenses resulting from an accident that are not eligible for reimbursement through my credit card or other insurance policy, or declined by them, up to the value of the damage and applicable taxes
    • assign Communauto the right to make any claims on my behalf (and make myself available to answer inquiries arising from any claim process)
  • I understand and agree that I will always receive an invoice each month by mail or email and that Communauto may contact me at any time to arrange immediate payments if my account (including trips not yet billed) exceeds $250. Communauto may amend the Payment Due Date at any time with one week’s notice.

    I hereby authorize Communauto to charge my monthly invoice and any other charges or fees that I incur to my credit card each month.