Increased mobility for all with fewer cars on the road.


Accessible transport.

Flexibility and freedom

Located in the heart of neighborhoods all around, the cars are available without delay, 24/7. Carsharing provides flexibility and freedom at a great price, without the maintenance costs related to car ownership.

Cleaner air, healthier communities

Carsharing strives to reduce pollution by offering an alternate transit option in the city, all while allowing people to get around without having to commit to resource-intensive private car ownership.

Burden-free car ownership

Carsharing enables collaboration and cooperation. Through a respectful sharing network, it offers the community car access, without the burden of car ownership

Make the city evolve with us

Whether you walk, bike or bus, carsharing is there when you need it.

There when you need it

Carsharing is the ideal solution for spontaneous trips from point A to point B – in the city, for a day trip or multiple days.

Second car? Really?

Free yourself from the commitment of a second car that is not used regularly, by using carsharing only when you need it.

Spend less, connect more

Carsharing is more than just another way to get around. It is also a way to connect and cooperate with your community and fellow carsharing members.

Some interesting stats

It helps to know you make a difference - the numbers speak for themselves

Number of cars off the streets when using a carsharing vehicle
0 %
Reduction in the kilometres traveled
0 tons
Reduction in CO2 emission for each carsharing user

Are you as thrilled as we are?

Carsharing gives your city room to breathe.

Join now!

If you live in Ontario, you will need to provide us with your driving record (3-year uncertified driving record). See “Am I eligible?” to learn how to obtain it, and for more information on driver eligibility.

You can also choose to have us order your driving record on your behalf.